As Businesses Face Emerging Threats SiriusIQ Asks, ‘Will Your Business Survive or Thrive?’ SiriusIQ’s cloud-born, pattern-based AI solutions offer businesses the agility to pivot and thrive.

March 17, 2020 ( – As the Coronavirus Pandemic grips the world, businesses are now forced to deal with the effects, scrambling to protect their business, their employees and their communities.

“The current pandemic is another example of the extreme challenge and pressure businesses are feeling and will continue to feel. It’s forcing business leaders to re-think everything. SiriusIQ was designed from day one as a cloud-born culture, a digitally connected, fully remote organization; still 100% functional and operational. We want all of our customers and partners to make this transition,” said Heather Field, Managing Partner at SiriusIQ.

SiriusIQ’s Digital Labor Automation enables businesses to optimize and scale. Businesses looking to get ahead of the curve can automate and optimize simultaneously, all while reducing employee strain. SiriusIQ transforms a business’s architecture to one that scales globally, stays secure, and can be dynamically optimized for performance during a time when these key elements are vital to the survival of businesses across all industries.

“As businesses rapidly respond to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be dramatic changes in many industries, rapidly changing data and data streams, key personnel working remotely, travel and meeting restrictions, and so forth. The SiriusIQ platform can handle and analyze information in such an unpredictable environment and allow you to respond quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, we are in such a time where business survival may depend on it,” advised Dr. Marty Kohn, CEO and Chief Executive Scientist at MedPredixAI, LLC.

SiriusIQ Cloud Correct is designed to enable the rapid migration of applications and data to Microsoft Azure cloud, allowing businesses to be prepared to pivot with changing customer demands and to take full advantage of Azure data services. Existing Windows and Linux based apps are replicated on the secure Azure cloud without disrupting, changing or modifying the source system. Applications with little to no API will evolve to be fully API-driven with Cloud Correct, allowing them to take full advantage of a cloud-based environment. Faster, seamless, implementation ensures zero downtime for businesses ready to transition towards a scalable, more flexible computing solution.

​”One use case for SiriusIQ is filling the void in remote trading support of major banks’ contingency plans of having key traders work from home,” said Raymond Raggi, Management Services Executive at SiriusIQ. “Leveraging Azure and AI, SiriusIQ is used to efficiently support high volumes of data and transactions while providing the necessary security operations required. SiriusIQ enables access to additional information traders need to ensure informed decisions to minimize risk and maintain effective communications with clientele.”

Cloud Correct enables business process automation and orchestration in a secure and scalable cloud instance. To find out more about how SiriusIQ’s Cloud Correct solution can protect and revolutionize your business, sign up to register for an informational webinar to be held on Thursday, March 26, 2020, at 2 pm EST.

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