SiriusIQ – Pairs Massive Automation With Human Subject Matter Expertise To Drive A New Level Of Productivity

SiriusIQ is a unique company that pairs massive automation with human subject matter expertise to drive a new level of productivity in the enterprise. With its exception driven, decoupled microservice architecture, SiriusIQ Digital Labor Automation (DLA) provides the only pure Azure cloud DataOps platform that unifies development, test and operations for delivering sophisticated data-driven solutions at record speed. Below is our recent interview with Glenn Field, Founder of SiriusIQ:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to SiriusIQ?

A: At its core, SiriusIQ DLA delivers fully Integrated and secure Master Orchestration and Automation for data that uses intelligent models to significantly reduce the timescales for cloud migration, integration and transformation of data between systems.

Q: How machines can improve the way people work and the overall wellbeing of our planet?

A: With a machine-first culture, your smartest workers will work even smarter, amplifying their impact to enable the enterprise to pivot. Shifting the role of humans in the business process—allowing machines to manage the drudgery and repetition—frees up your subject matter experts (SMEs) to continually learn and improve their expertise.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: Cloud Correct: Accelerates the migration of applications and data to Microsoft Azure and simplifies the adoption of Azure services to enhance capabilities, reduce operation costs and increase agility. Customers get the benefit of reduced project costs, less man hours and higher quality, for:

  • Workload Lift-and-Shift
  • API-Enabling Legacy Systems
  • Migration and Consolidation of Data to Azure
  • Integration and Orchestration with Azure Services

Migrate Correct: Delivers lightning speed, highly scalable migration of just about any data—from any source to any target. Migrate Correct uses native Microsoft Azure services and interconnects to move data at the same speed and fidelity as Microsoft’s own Azure PaaS components. With the ability to perform sophisticated data manipulations as information moves between systems. Migrate Correct excels in demanding, time-sensitive scenarios, by providing:

  • Real-time analytics and auditing
  • Real-time transformation of in-flight data
  • End-to-end verifiable security
  • Continuous compliance
  • Automatic and intelligent cloud limit governors
  • Out-of-band human expert correction of data
  • Non-stop execution

Automate Correct: Provides a cloud-first-architected master orchestration engine to facilitate automations of business scenarios at scale, without compromising the integrity and veracity of the data patterns that define the connections and flows between tools and systems. Specifically, Automate Correct delivers:

    • Dynamically created MDM (Master Data Management) capability that preserves the IP of logic and processes being automated as well as the automation patterns themselves
    • End-to-end visibility and auditability of data as it moves along the connection paths within the SiriusIQ model execution engine
    • Closed-loop system for leveraging human subject matter experts to enhance the automation models without affecting the execution of existing automation scenarios
    • Opportunity to discover previously unseen or undocumented interactions and flows to expose additional opportunities for automation and on-going transformation
    • Confidence in highly secure interactions between systems and applications

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like SiriusIQ?

A: With the enormous pressures to reduce costs and empower the mobile remote workforce, embracing cloud computing is an operational urgency and no longer a luxury. SiriusIQ reduces the time it takes to move critical assets to cloud by 80%.

Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: Continue to exploit the abundance of compute, data and security available to bring companies into agnostic, decoupled instances across all cloud platforms. We will continue to enable our customers and partners to pivot to in response to the increasing level of change we’re currently facing and will continue to face in the future.


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