SiriusIQ Introduces CLX Health and Develops HealthyAmericaTM as Virus Response Mobile Application in Partnership with Tech Consortium

NEWARK, DE, July 14, 2020 – SiriusIQ’s latest application of its SiriusIQ DNA CLXHealth is the result of applying SiriusIQ’s DNA to building out solutions that enable enterprises and organizations to confidently conduct people-centric business.

CLX Health LLC, a joint venture company, has developed the HealthyAmericaTM mobile application to be deployed as key component of the HealthyAmericaTM Solution Architecture and Database. The CLX Consortium of partner companies have come together to manage the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses by accessing real-time laboratory testing data for operational business and consumer decision support, ultimately allowing the economy to scale back up to capacity.

Utilizing existing technology and infrastructure critical to delivering a solution now, the CLX Consortium has network access to over 1 million physician offices, 22 largest by volume clinical laboratories, 40 major hospital systems and 20 Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHC) in the United States.

In much the same way TSA PreCheckTM provided airline passengers with an increased level of confidence after 9/11, the HealthyAmerica application is positioned to mitigate risk of businesses and individuals. With TSA PreCheck in place, passengers returned to travel with assurance that fellow travelers had been screened and posed little to no risk. The HealthyAmerica application manages real-time and batch files of health status requests for consumers to provide businesses and facilities operational decision-making capabilities that can mitigate exposure to employees and clients.

Like the TSA PreCheck status, which is delivered in bulk to airlines and directly to the consumer via a Quick Response (QR) code, HealthyAmerica enables consumers to present a QR code indicating health status. With the HealthyAmerica QR code, individuals can securely gain access to government-restricted sites, such as airports and/or sporting events, as examples.

The HealthyAmerica application works in the following manner, first requiring the individual consumer to register. Consumer identity is verified in combination with mobile device authentication, then the consumer selects a laboratory, schedules testing and receives validated test results—all within the application on the consumer’s verified device. The HealthyAmerica application stores diagnostic or antibodies test results received directly from an FDA-approved laboratory and generates a QR code indicating current health status.

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