NEWARK, Delaware – February 20, 2017 – SiriusIQ, a Delaware-based software development company, greatly increases the rate at which data can be read from on-premise source systems to be landed and/or indexed in the cloud, including when raw data is read from multiple data sources for multiple applications. SiriusIQ leverages Azure to significantly minimize performance bottlenecks in true hybrid clouds. Focused on the end-user experience, Quinn™, the SiriusIQ intelligent assistant, ensures an exceptional end-user experience through cognitive services, managing information seamlessly through a variety of business channels, such as Skype, Slack, Teams and others.


WhamTech, is a Dallas, Texas-based software company that provides a comprehensive distributed data virtualization, federation, integration, interoperability, master data management, analytics and security platform. WhamTech’s technologies, collectively called SmartData Fabric® (SDF), help organizations overcome some of the biggest challenges they face—harnessing and making sense of their massive and growing amounts of data and translating it into actionable information and insights. SDF allows access to any and all data, regardless of where it resides, and keeps track of it in real-time in multiple disparate data sources. WhamTech’s technology is dramatically transforming data management and decision-making by enabling solutions previously considered too difficult, too expensive or too long to implement.


SiriusIQ and WhamTech have partnered to enable Software-Defined Data™ (SDD) that discovers, secures, accesses, integrates and delivers high quality data, regardless of where it resides. SDD uses a combination of high performance data movement to and from the Microsoft Cloud, utilizing Azure and unique indexes and adapters that read and pre-process data without creating additional copies—with indexes referring back to original data sources for query execution. This unique approach avoids conventional ETL/DW/DM issues and supports near real-time distributed data lake, virtual data warehouse, hybrid cloud and many other solutions—all while using standard drivers, SQL and applications. Minimizing the need to make multiple copies of data, the SiriusIQ and WhamTech SDD approach provides audit trails, traceability, security, privacy/GDPR and/or compliance.


“I am excited about this partnership which leverages WhamTech’s history in managing difficult access to data and SiriusIQ’s next-gen approach to cloud development to deliver the next-gen data management, MDM and virtual graph database that we jointly call Software-Defined Data™,“ said Mark Golden, Partner, SiriusIQ. “Additionally, we are delivering multiple jointly developed, cloud-based solutions to be sold through Microsoft’s global solution map.”


Chet Devchand, Microsoft Business Development Manager, states that, “This unique solution creates a new category of services by combining easy access to data with next-gen cloud technology. Utilizing Azure, customers gain insight and decision-making capability through high-performance data movement and cognitive services in a true hybrid cloud environment.”


About SiriusIQ

SiriusIQ focuses on next-gen AI with workflow automation that streamlines business processes, conversations, analytics and more. The solutions are faster, better and smarter and include: cloud-born, artificial intelligence and bot technologies, automation, robust reporting and analytics, intelligent conversation and dashboard/inbox management. For more information, visit us at


About WhamTech

WhamTech, Inc. is a software company whose mission is to develop indexed adapter-based data virtualization, federation, integration, interoperability, master data management, analytics and security technology software products that allows access to data wherever it resides, including in its original source and format. WhamTech develops these products to anticipate, meet, and exceed the demands of customers seeking an alternative to the conventional approaches of data warehousing, federated data access with conventional adapters, and enterprise search. For more information, visit WhamTech at or follow @WhamTech_Inc on Twitter.



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